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Let us care to check our posts on various social networking sites about our status updates because if we take time to study what comes out in our posts, we will discover more about ourselves and what defines us.  The Bible says, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…

If that is so, then we cannot say we don’t mean something we have uttered when it has escaped our lips.  Then we cannot also dismiss the fact that once we post it, we mean it.

This morning, I came across a passage in scripture that urges us to be broken bread and poured out wine to others.  I am reminded of the many times my mother would define success as such: helping improve the lives of others.  For no amount of fame or fortune can make one successful in her sight if all one did was to amass wealth and fame for himself.  She would be impressed though with one who helped make the lives of others a bit better by his/her presence.

Not only do people need our help but animals need our help as well…

My good friend from Singapore posted this on her FB site this morning and I was moved to support her many causes to save animals..

I asked her to list the many causes she supports so I may also help her spread the word. Her reply was something that is worth keeping in mind:

Dear Maricel
I am SO glad you came to me with this question.  The thing about people like you and Anthony is that you have in your hands (thanks to your celebrity) what they call “hyper agency” –  the capacity to produce the social outcomes that you desire, to create the rules and resources, and conditions that allow these outcomes to happen, and to convene powerful individuals around the causes that you care about.  I am so glad you are using your celebrity power to make a difference.   
I’d like to make this as easy for you as possible.  There are so many links out there about animals to be protected – there are causes that focus on companion animals, animals used for food/ clothing/ medicinal purposes, etc…  So I’ll start with a few that are close to home: 
1. Philippine Animal Welfare Society – This is their homepage – This is the page that talks about their campaigns.  One of them is on Responsible Pet Ownership.  I assume that your reader base includes a lot of mothers (whose kids want pets) – so might be good to blog about responsible pet ownership.  Irresponsible pet ownership is one of the reasons why so many dogs end up being abandoned. 

2.Cara Welfare Philippines – Another volunteer-run organization in the Philippines that focuses on animal welfare.  For people who cannot adopt a pet, the website gives them an option to sponsor a pet for a small amount of money per month.  In fact today I just signed up and sponsored a pet.  I will be receiving updates about how my pet is doing.  Now that is way better than having a tamagochi!! 

3. PETA’s Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide.  
This details products that are “cruelty-free” (not tested on animals).  Animal testing is unnecessary and cruel.  Whenever I shop for cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products these days, I look for the bunny (the cruelty-free sign!) or look for a label that says it is not tested on animals.  The thing about this approach is that it is not about giving money away;  it is about making conscious choices that lead to a cruelty-free way of life. 

A lot of cosmetics are still tested on animals.  If you are writing about beauty at all, I hope you can write about beauty without cruelty.

4. End Bear Farming
(Thanks for signing the petition!!)  As the website says:  “Right now, there are at least 12,000 bears suffering in Asia. They are held captive in tiny cages and shocking conditions. These bears are farmed needlessly for the bile contained in their gall bladders which is used to make Traditional Asian Medicine. Their reality is a lifetime of suffering and pain.  Your support can help us end bear farming in Asia. Protect bears – lend your support by signing the appeal today.”  

5. Foie Gras/ Sharks Fin – With the help of PETA I have crafted a letter that I will send to the Head of Marketing of UBS to ban these cruel foods from our menus for client events.  I will forward that letter to you separately.  Hopefully we can also send that to restaurants, caterers, hotels, etc that have not yet joined this cause.  Prince Charles is a very big advocate of the anti-foie gras movement.  (I hope all this name-dropping will influence Manila society!!!)  Foie gras is cruel, and it’s about time they thought of it that way and not as a “luxury product.” 

It would be great if you could write in your blog that social media these days affords us great opportunities to speak about the causes we believe in.  There is so much to learn from one another;  I myself learn about more and more causes everyday, as I read them in the news, in Facebook, etc.  I admire my friends who use their FB sites to speak about something they believe in (rather than simply just post pictures of what fun they’re having, and what latest parties they attended!).  

That’s a start.  I’d be very happy to help you if you need more information, or if you want me to write a segment that you can post on the blog.  Just really happy that you are helping spread the word!!!  

Hope to see you soon.  


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August 31, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

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  1. elani says:

    That’s one thing i like about human heart nature product’s and company, they’re being labeled as cruelty free.

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