Mommy Talk

Some of you may have been part of my discussions with expectant moms and mommies with active kids on Twitter and Facebook the past two weeks.  This was thru the initiative of Huggies Philippines.  Last Saturday, Feb. 28th, I had the chance to have a live dialogue with mommies at the Mommy Expo in The Loft […]

Hello, World!

One of the things that has made me very excited the past several months has been my involvement with the One Mega Group’s Celebrity Mom Magazine as editor-in-chief.  It is something that inspires me everyday, knowing that I work with a fantastic set of people who are committed to making an excellent magazine for mommies. […]

Super Kale!

I have just been introduced to this superfood, called Kale.  Upon learning about all its benefits, I am happy to have it in almost everything I eat.  You can eat it raw, juiced, slightly cooked or baked. Check out it wonders: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, more iron than beef (now I can clearly say where my protein […]

Time for me

This is the view I see everyday when I drive out of our village to bring my children to school. It is lovely and I almost have to pinch myself daily to remind myself that I am not dreaming.  I thrive in this kind of vastness and it liberates my mind.  But there are many […]

Clean up, Clean up!

Product Review: Dyson Cordless Vacuum One of things I like to postpone is to bring down the Christmas decor and let go of our Pine tree.  I wish there was a way to replant it.. We got a kick out of cleaning up during the super hectic holidays with our new Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. […]

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