Christmas 2015

It is indeed that time of the year when everybody is running about finding the perfect gift to give and attending parties everywhere.  I am reminded however, not to miss the true essence of Christmas.  It is not my birthday, but Jesus’.  We are celebrating Him more than anything.  For our noche buena dinner, we […]

Cool Reverie Mattress Winner!

We have a winner!  Congratulations, Vanessa Reyes-Marfil!  We have decided to be your Santa this Christmas and are gifting you with a Cool Reverie Ridge Mattress size 6x36x75 from Uratex!  Thank you for sharing with us your story and we look forward to hearing about your rest and relaxation after you experience bliss with this new mattress. […]

Thai Papaya Salad

Our garden is blooming again especially after the rain.  My Manang was thrilled to have been able to harvest papayas and so we decided to whip up a simple salad recipe that goes well with festive foods for the holidays! Check out this Thai papaya salad recipe.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we […]

We are 22!

My daughter, Ella unearthed tons of letters her father received from friends and family as he is fond of writing and receiving letters.  She then told me about the letters I had written her dad and those he also wrote to me.  I went over them and realised how amazing it is to look back […]

Sleep tight during the holidays

The holidays are already almost in full swing and if you are like most people whose days are mostly spent in traffic, work and then trying your best to keep up with the endless gatherings. You probably would be always looking forward to resting well after a full day.  What does a good rest comprise? […]

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