The road to edible landscaping

I have been obsessing about my edible garden for some time now and I love that we have been able to cultivate an edible garden since we moved here in the boondocks where the air is fresh and the space so abundant with fertile soil.  However, I have been quite frustrated with how it has […]



Recipe for Today Breaded Zucchini Stick Zucchini Batter: Mix the following in a bowl: parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, egg, parsley, flour Dip the Zucchini in the batter then fry. Dip Mix yogurt, dill, salt and black pepper



 Recipe for Today Zucchini and Humus with Pita bread Humus Blend the following: Garbanzos Sesame seeds Lemon Olive Oil Zucchini Grill and sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil Pita Bread Simply Grill Place everything on a platter and style according to your taste. Enjoy!

Joey Ramirez and Sitti Navarro Wedding

 I so love weddings!  If you haven’t noticed yet, we have been attending weddings left and right and I try my best to share with you our experience of such momentous events.  The thing I like about weddings these days is the attention to every single detail about it that has ballooned into a huge […]

We are a Community!

I regularly get amazing updates from different people and this particular letter was written by my dear Ninang, mentor, friend and sister in Christ- Leah Darwin .  I have been bugging her to blog about her work for the Lord so the whole world can hear about it but since she has not gotten into […]

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