Why I don’t ever want to grow up

As a busy mommy, I realized that there are areas of my life that I will neglect if I don’t plug them in my calendar.  It’s easy to get caught up with the day to day routines of running a household, taking care of the kids, attending to my husband’s needs and making myself available […]

Celebrity Moms and Dads unite for a Pow Wow Playdate!

It is virtually impossible to have a bunch of celeb parents on a Sunday for a grand playdate event at  the Atrium Hall of Enderun College because celebs want to protect as much as possible, all the spare time they may have for a chance to have a relaxed bonding time with their loved ones. Much of […]

The 100 Portraits Project

This is Una.  She is the daughter of my childhood friend and gradeschool schoolmate, Geri and her husband, Dan. Una has been accepted at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  She has embarked on a  personal initiative to help out her parents fund her art education and practice her skills. Her goal is […]

How to have a rewarding Family/Yaya Partnership

I just had to write this post because of having to help moms on a regular basis about their ordeals about hiring, training and keeping their hired help at home.  It is amazing what chaos it can bring to a family when the household staff are not in order and when there is disharmony among […]

How to turn your picky eater to a hearty eater

I have often been asked about how to make children eat.  It is amazing to find gazillion parents stressing over how to get their children to eat.  One day, as I was about to conduct a parenting seminar, my kids joined me in the car with their friends . I took the liberty of asking […]

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