Go well to Be well

I had such a memorable time at the GoWell Wellness Retreat last October 5-7 at Shangri-La Boracay. I so needed that break because I was sick for a month before that and was not cleared by my doctor to run the Chicago Marathon with my husband, Anthony. It’s a good thing my dear friend, Jaymie Pizarro […]

How to stay on top of your game at 80

For almost 10 years, Team Pangilinan has journeyed with Rudy Project.  We have been very privileged to be fully protected by their sturdy, comfortable and superior quality helmets.  I have survived and thrived in my many races under the scorching heat of the sun with my Rudy Project shades as my ultimate shield for my […]

17 Things about my Hannah Pangilinan

  1. Now that I am seventeen….I can get my student driver permit 2. My most memorable childhood memories include…playing make believe like house-house, teacher-teacher, school-school.  Playing outdoor games with our neighbors like bangsak or patintero or bente uno. 3. My immediate dreams are…to create inspirational videos on my YouTube channel 4. The meaning of […]

A Royal feast for Loyal Members

Last September 9, 2016, I got the best of both worlds having been invited as media guest and Golden Circle member to take a peek at what  SHANGRI-LA  has in store for loyal members of their Golden Circle Program.  What we witnessed was nothing short of amazing! The dining program is the latest initiative in the […]

Liz Almoro-Aliwalas and her stylish 40th Un-Birthday

My dear friend, Liz turned 40 and can’t help but share with you that wonderful evening and a glimpse of this beautiful person – inside and out.  I asked her to share her thoughts about this new season in her life and I figured we could learn a thing or two from her. When I […]

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