3 Anti-termite tactics that may save your home

1.Know your enemy Fast facts about Termites: They like to chew a lot! Termites chew on wood, flooring, plastics and materials made of plants. Dampwood termites like moist wood while drywood termites don’t like where there is moisture and they can build their colonies even with no soil contact. Formosan termites particularly life fabric made […]

10 reasons why YOUR family should TRI together

I am writing this in light of the recently concluded and fantastically organized 70.3 Ironman Asia Pacific Championship in Cebu where our Team Pangilinan mixed relay team finished top 7 in our division. It was our daughters Ella and Hannah’s first intro to Ironman, having graduated from Ironkids. They surpassed our expectations with their astounding […]

Why whole moms have more fun

Before being mommies, we were just plain and simple us.  Such was life before being referred to as wife or mommy to our husbands and kids. That is what Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio reminded us during a gathering of moms to celebrate wholeness.  I love that Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Marilen Faustino- Montenegro and Rica are committed to having […]

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