Heneral Luna’s fame

In a previous blog entry, I shared about having dined in Payag Restaurant located at Queens in New York.  We were quite blessed to have taken a remembrance with John Arcilla who was there that evening to celebrate with friends. And then I recall him inviting us for a movie he is starring in called, Heneral Luna at […]

Qatar Airways shows the way

Thank God, I have had quite a lot of time to prepare for our trip to Bordeaux so Anthony may participate with Team Chateau Siran for the Medoc Marathon.  This allowed me to wisely consider all the possible options for travel to France as I made sure I got to go to the BPI Travel […]

The Real Thing! Chanel Sunnies

I have always been the sporty type and love to don on things that are not so fragile so I can rough it up anytime the occasion calls for it.  These days however, I have been finding more and more reasons to get dressed for events and special occasions so I was happy to receive […]

Silence as a gift

I have found myself constantly being asked what to do by eager moms who want to give the best for their families.  As much as I am as eager to share with them what to do exactly, I have found that the best I can help them is to point them to silence.  I remember […]


For as long as we can remember, my son Benjamin’s birthday celebration has always been rescheduled for another day because it falls exactly on the day we compete for the 70.3 IronMan events.  Benjamin has been quite a sport about it because he has had his fair share of events that he had to attend […]

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