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Label up!

April 6, 2014 my bulletin No Comments

Have you ever found yourself in this kind of mess?  With a home full of stuff and gadgets for a variety of people, it is so easy to get entangled in this mess.  I have literally wasted tons of hours trying to sort myself out of such a mess and many times, it has taken me so long to get my work done just trying to figure out what I can use for the gadget I need at the moment.


Not only does it take so much to figure out which wire goes where but what keys fit where and this can spell S-T-R-E-S-S especially when a toddler locks herself in one of the bedrooms!


So you can just imagine the joy this Epson labeler has brought to my days..It is still taking me a while to label almost everything in my house, somehow though there is a sense of relief and it has been quite exciting to work on labeling all the stuff in our home.


It is said that a journey to a thousand miles begins with one step and I am glad that my journey has begun towards that direction!


Thank you so much, @MommyMundo for inspiring me with this product and Epson for granting me my wish to help me organize my stuff!

Feet on the ground

March 10, 2014 mommy talk, my bulletin No Comments

What comes to mind when you think of The Manila Polo Club? You immediately picture horses, parties, wide open spaces and everything posh and you get the service that comes with a membership that is only reserved for the very few.  The other day, we found ourselves at The Manila Polo Club because my parents have been tasked by my cousin, to pick out the menu for her daughter’s first birthday bash.  It’s a grand celebration and she wanted everything to be perfect.  Well, my parents are the best people to consult when it comes to organizing and having parties having lived abroad most of their married life entertaining a variety of people.  I happen to  be in the area with my Baby Solana and the thought of seeing horses excited my baby that my dad asked us to come.

He brought Solana to be with the horses and mom and I went off to take care of the menu.



Just when my mom stepped out of the car though, her slipper snapped. I almost fainted because I couldn’t imagine my mom walking barefoot and knowing how much of a ‘cowboy’ she is, I actually wanted to hide! I know, you’re saying I’m so mean, haha!  My mom is an amazing woman and she is gorgeous but she is also one who won’t allow any distractions to keep her from doing her work–

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.45.22 AM

Good thing she knew where to get help.  When I started hiding, okay so I got guilty and tried to find her because she was out of my sight in an instant and the last I saw of her was that of dragging her one leg to follow the other so that she could continue walking with poise whilst her slipper was broken.  I found her here.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.45.38 AM

I thought my mom was a bit, okay I will say it..crazy…to try to fix her slipper in an electrical / mechanical room but what I discovered amazed me.  She came and surrendered her slipper and without any hesitation, there was an excited kind of commotion that happened inside that room.  Everyone seemed so happy to have been asked and the thought of repairing my mom’s slipper was something that seemed to be nothing but a piece of cake for the folks there.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.45.12 AM

It’s like clock work for the staff and they all giggled while fixing the slipper and collaborated on the best way to make it work and look pretty at the same time.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.45.01 AM

My mom didn’t want to cause any more inconveniences to the people there but they insisted that they needed to cover the electric tape with another nice looking tape so it won’t be slippery when my mom walks and it will look nice.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.44.43 AM

The ‘magic’ slipper was fixed in no time and we made it just in time for our meeting!

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.44.30 AM

Thanks to these amazing men in the electrical/mechanical room, my mom was ready to walk the posh corridors of The Manila Polo Club in a jiffy. Yey!  Now you know where to go to get help for such things!

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 4.57.57 PM

The hills are alive

February 25, 2014 faith, mommy talk No Comments

This morning, I woke up to this.  I was reminded by what my Lola used to say: nag-aagaw ang dilim at liwanag or agaw-dilim.  Many times in my life, I find that there are always two forces trying to get it’s way with me but today, being my birthday, I am reminded that His light always prevails.  It is my birthday and it also marks my 22 years of having been blessed to have an intimate relationship with my Lord.  Yes, it was my birthday that I came to receive Him in my life twenty two years ago and I have never been the same ever since.  Every time I wake up to this day, Feb. 25, I am reminded of how I am loved, redeemed and considered precious in my Lord’s sight.


It’s a holiday but not for me- I am to fulfill my Coach Ani de Leon’s hill runs..and actually, when I think about it- I eat hills for breakfast! Waaah, and lunch and dinner too!! And this is the way I spend the first few moments of my birthday, celebrating life and communing with my Lord who gave me this life and then enjoying His majesty and awesomeness through his wonderful creations..


This is when I feel God’s pleasure- when I run, because I am faced with the beauty of His creations.  I never imagined I would love to run this way but the more I run, the more I love it…It’s like that verse, “where your treasure is, that is where your heart will be-Mattew 6:21″.  Where I put my heart, my time, my life- that is where I lead my heart to go…


To live life to the fullest basking in my Lord’s presence to overflow this love to others that hopefully will allow them to see His glory and wonderful plans for their lives, that would be my birthday wish…to provide a taste of Heaven to all those I am privileged to encounter..all by His grace..


Happy birthday, to me… :)

We love shoes

February 20, 2014 my bulletin 2 Comments

We love having people come visit us all the way in the boondocks!  It was such a joy to have my kumare Cassie Cui and my inaanak Sophia (our Capitolian family) with their dear friend, Trish Tamparong.

Trish showered us with their latest baby, Spruce Shoes


She brought one for Ella, Hannah and me :)  Love the way they were individually wrapped and hand delivered as well.


There is something special about these shoes…


The Tamparongs are the distributors of Havaianas, Puma and Sperry Topsiders in Cagayan de Oro.  Their latest venture is one that was born out of their desire to raise awareness on breast cancer.  This was brought about when their family underwent a crisis when Trish’s mother, Maridel was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Because Mommy Maridel is now cancer-free for three years, the Tamparong women is overflowing with thanks and would like to give back and do their part to help women fight cancer.  This Pink collection is dedicated to spreading awareness on breast cancer.


Percentage of the proceeds of each  purchased pair will fund Thrive- a breast cancer awareness group founded by Karen Lluch in Cagayan de Oro.


If you want to be stylish for a cause, check out Spruce :

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/SprucePH

On Instagram: @spruceph

Email Spruce at: sprucepinked@spruce.ph

There may not be a size yet for Solana but my dear Kumare, Cassie  made sure she had her own stash from Sophia’s closet.  Thank you, Trish/Spruce, Cassie and Sophia-we love shoes!


A new Feather

January 22, 2014 mommy talk, my passion No Comments

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 4.25.34 PM

It is freezing here in Beijing as we celebrate my husband Anthony’s  graduation from his EMBA from Tsinghua Insead and we are so happy we could share this moment with him. I  still don’t know how he managed to finish such a daunting task which took 18 months !  In between all those months of course, he had to shuttle back and forth from Manila to TIEMBA’s (Tsinghua-INSEAD) 4 campuses around the world which include Beijing, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and France.  All that while attending to the needs of our family, businesses, triathlon & marathon training and racing, advocacies and a whole lot more.

It was a truly touching moment for us all.  It took a whole lot to make this new feather in his hat happen.

This is the view from his classroom where he spent one and half years taking courses from its Beijing campus (they went to the different campuses of INSEAD: Beijing, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and France).


He would normally get around in a bicycle but preferred to walk to his hotel to go to school and back as it gave Anthony time to reflect about his studies, how he did in a particular exam and life in general.


Going up the steps to the gymnasium where the graduation was to take place was quite a sentimental journey not only for the graduates but for us, the family members as well.  It seemed only yesterday when we had first said goodbye to Anthony to get himself started with his EMBA program.  We missed him terribly each time he left and longed for his return.  Now, it has been done.  It is actually finished. He made it-yes he did and we are so proud of him!


My daughter, Ella and I had the chance to be with Anthony for the graduation while the rest of the family cheered him on from home .


Anthony’s completion of his EMBA earned him a double diploma from two prestigious universities- Tsinghua, Beijing and Insead University of France.


What makes it all the more special is that this EMBA program has recently been ranked 2nd best in the world by the 2013 Financial Times Executive MBA ranking. This is among the top 100 EMBA programmes for working senior executives.


Aside from the rankings, what is distinct about this program is the diversity of its delegates that formed close ties among each one from classroom dealings and after school get togethers that also included family members.  It was a touching graduation that relived all the 18 months because we know we have built friends for life.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 5.09.44 PM

Tiemba Batch 2014 will forever be etched in our hearts and we all promise to be together, forever.


This transcends to the next generation as well.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 5.31.23 PM



Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 5.27.39 PM