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Mom’s need not struggle with the fact that they aren’t perfect.  After all, there is no such thing as a perfect mom or a perfect homemaker! When you are not perfect, that means other people will stand up to the challenge of helping out and not leaving everything to be accomplished by you alone! If… Read More

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Lj Reyes found herself bursting with creative ideas that could help other moms when she was planning to take her son and his cousins out.  She thought maybe it would be great to have a search engine to help parents find the kid-friendly establishments in a click.  That was the beginning of the App now… Read More

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What is EcoMom? It is a UV Sterilizer that removes 99.9% of various bacteria and viruses. It is a storage place for baby and other items Why moms will love this product: 1. Simple and safe to use.  No danger from burning or water mess and dries easily which prevents more bacteria from forming. 2.… Read More

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Being a wife and mother of 5 children can be very challenging at times.  Everybody comes to me for advise, help with homework, needs, etc.  I do try my very best to give my all to my family but then there are also responsibilities I need to attend to outside my home like our businesses… Read More

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Happy New Year! I trust that your holidays have been merry and bright. At the same time, I hope that you have been able to recuperate from all the festivities left and right. I love celebrations but I want to make sure I am also mindful of the tons of waste such gatherings produce. Instead… Read More

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