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I just got back from a refreshing trip to New Zealand.  Thanks to Light Miles Travel, I was able to experience such a beautiful country with a well planned itinerary that fit my interests.

I went to New Zealand towards the end of winter so I made sure I was armed with the right set of outfits that were easy to pack, stylish and comfortable as well.  I couldn’t have had a better partner for my outfits! Uniqlo came to my rescue and even gave me styling tips that would suit the weather, activities and my sense of style!

So this is why New Zealand is called the land of the long white cloud. ☁️ #mommsvacay #nzmustdo #lightmilestravelnz

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Uniqlo’s LifeWear clothing leverages advanced technologies from Japan.  Clothes are lighter and more functional and can be worn all throughout the year.

There are two important technologies for the LifeWear clothing: HEATTECH andULTRA LIGHT DOWN.

HEATTECH is thin and warm inner wear while ULTRA LIGHT DOWN transformed down jackets by combining warmth and lightness.

Here are the outfits that hopefully will give you an idea on those essential must haves when you go for your next adventure!

#OOTD Day 1

From Aukland to Waiheke

Wine and Olive Vineyards for tour and tastings and lunch

Top: Striped Boatneck Long sleeve

Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket

Inner shirt is the Heattech Long Sleeve

Underneath my bottoms: Heattech Tights ( they wrapped my legs in toasty warmth!).

Bottoms: High Waist Ribbon Wide Leg Pants

Flight to Queenstown

Gondola ride to Skyline Queenstown. We watched a Kiwi Haka Show and ate the most amazing buffet dinner overlooking a spectacular view of the city.

Ultra Light Down Compact Vest

Flannel dress

Outer: Denim jacket, Accessories: Sleeky Scarf, hat

Inner: Heattech Extra Warm Long Sleeve and Heattech Tights

Shoes: Adidas Pure Boost

#OOTD Day 3

Milford Sound Tour and Cruise

#OOTD Day 4

Queenstown Highlights excursion

Top: Waffle Crew Neck 3/4

Pile Lined Fleece Quilted Parka

EZY Jeans

Inner: Heattech Extra Warm Long Sleeve and Heattech Tights

Because life is worth living, so live another day! 🎤 #mommsvacay #nzmustdo #lightmilestravelnz #TravelWithUNIQLO #LifeWear

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#OOTD Day 5

Queenstown – Mt Cook – Christchurch

Flannel Shirt that is super soft!

Ultra Light Down Jacket

Inner: Heattech long sleeve and Heattech tights

Bottoms: high waist wide leg chino

Wishing I brought the snow with me! ❄️ #mammavacay #lightmilestravelnz #travelwithuniqlo

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September 6, 2017 by Mommy Maricel

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