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I am writing this in light of the recently concluded and fantastically organized 70.3 Ironman Asia Pacific Championship in Cebu where our Team Pangilinan mixed relay team finished top 7 in our division. It was our daughters Ella and Hannah’s first intro to Ironman, having graduated from Ironkids. They surpassed our expectations with their astounding performance.  We are so proud of them and can’t believe how we used to just cheer them on and now they are racing along our side.  

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Indeed, those seeds that were planted when they were little are bearing fruit now.  Huge thanks to Timex Philippines, Adidas, Rudy Project, Gatorade, Usana and Quaker Oats for all the support!

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One of the craziest decisions we have ever made as a family was to get into triathlon.  We didn’t intend to take it seriously at first but we had no choice when the children took interest in it after having tagged along with their dad during his first triathlon.  All their other friends who were children of our friends also took part in it so racing was something our children looked forward to because they were excited to race and bond with their friends.


For almost 10 years, triathlon has provided our family a chance to get fit, and solid.  Here’s why your family should TRI together:

1.  You get to wear matching outfits– This could sound or even look corny to many people but wearing matching outfits require us to coordinate and then create that sense of oneness as a team.  From day one when we we referred ourselves as Team Pangilinan, we recognized ourselves as one team with a common goal: to TRI together. We do triathlon and it also means we try things together as one.  Our motto: Team Pangilinan. We Tri Together.  Together, we are One.  Together, we are Strong.


2.  Your children will want to leave their gadgets behind and head out the door to train and get better so they can strike a mean pose like this.


3.  You will be forced to be that good example for your children to follow by having the discipline to train and do well in a race.


4.  Triathlons or any sport is proven to give you happy hormones, which can help improve your marriage, your relationship with your children, their relationship with their siblings, your overall physical, emotional and psychological well-being.


5.  Training and racing instill discipline, endurance, perseverance and focus which will force family members to manage their time better, be more organized to balance work, home and school life plus it can develop a great deal of patience and follow instructions to the detail as nothing comes easy in triathlonThese are traits that are developed over time. Such become foundations that can help our children and each other have a better perspective about the future and our roles in society.


6.  If you are willing, you and your family will gain friends for keeps who share the same passion for the sport you love.

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7. Bodily functions may improve as you honor your system.  Eating and sleeping properly and sufficiently will help you perform better during training and most especially during race day.  At the same time, your attitude will be put to a test in every win or loss.  Your grasp of what is important will be revealed at how you embrace a win and celebrate even those losses.


8. Managing your finances better is a skill and a must you cannot ignore learning as it is key to sustaining a tri life.  Triathlon training and racing is not an inexpensive sport.  It requires being coached, buying proper gear, travel, registration fees and shopping, among others.


9. A whole new community awaits. Each one you meet can help you get better and help you have a brighter perspective and vice versa.  With the different places you race, you will discover that you have something to learn from its people, culture and surroundings.


10. Expect your spirit to be awakened. Your faith will be tested,  You will have to face God and come to terms with Him. Many times, it will be a conversation between just the two of you especially in the most gruelling parts of a race course.


Your purpose will become clearer. You will see more and more the reasons why you allow yourself to endure such hardships that make you give up at one point and then wake up to the fact that you want to tri and tri again especially after crossing the finish line. You will remember that it makes you come alive and more importantly after catching your breath, you will remember that the next generation is looking up to you for direction and they are taking their cue from you so you would want to get your act together.  And that is why folks,  families should TRI together!

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August 12, 2016 by Mommy Maricel

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