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Check out my Mommy Talk article today on The Philippine Star:

Today’s article talks about being called to be champions for change and being reminded of our responsibilities as parents to help ensure that our children are exposed to the positive elements of television.  It is a great encouragement to finally have the NCCTV(National Council for Children’s Television) be in partnership with the DepEd to implement what should be ‘sacred’ in terms of what we expose our children to in media.  At the same time, we need the cooperation of television networks to put into practice what is not only morally ethical for children but what is mandated by the law.  More than commercialism, networks should think of the long term effect of their programming to the future of generations that they cater to on a daily basis.

Parents should set clear guidelines and boundaries when it comes to television viewing.  In our home, it is quite simple.  We only have one television set placed in a common area where everyone has access to.  Children are given 1.5 total hours of both television and computer time on a weekday and 2 hours during weekends.  That gives the children time to do other things and explore other opportunities.

We of course value media as we are very much part of it.  But in everything, moderation in the key. ✌


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July 31, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

2 thoughts on “Child-Friendly Programs Please!”

  1. Jenny says:

    TV time limit is a challenge in our household. N is pretty good. but it is the big kid (Stanley) who needs to be limited 😀

  2. Mommy Maricel says:

    That’s a tricky situation,indeed Jen! Haha!

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