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Fast facts about Termites:

  • They like to chew a lot!
  • Termites chew on wood, flooring, plastics and materials made of plants.
  • Dampwood termites like moist wood while drywood termites don’t like where there is moisture and they can build their colonies even with no soil contact.
  • Formosan termites particularly life fabric made of plant material and have some benefit to the environment in a sense that they make space for new plant life to begin.
  • Subterranean termites need the soil to thrive.  They are the most destructive of all termites.
  • Termites are also known as the silent destroyer because their work undetected and normally is found out when the damage is huge.
  • Termite colonies eat round the clock 24/7.
  • If you see wings that have been shed around your home, it means that the termites have already found where to build their nest.

2.Find its source

Termites may be found anywhere there is dry or moist wood, plastics and materials made of plant.

Here are some signs that there might be termite infestation in your home:

  • Flying ants especially near light sources
  • Mud like material lined up around or on wooden surfaces
  • Discarded wood or wooden areas in the house with suspecting holes
  • Painted walls with bubbles

3.Eliminate food sources for termites and partner with experts to completely eradicate the culprit

One of the main reasons why termites exist is because their food sources are around that makes them thrive.  Make sure you wipe out decaying, moldy and moist wood around your home.  Fix broken plumbing so that there is no access for water to continuously flow. There are a variety of options for termite control but one that I have been particularly have  the Sentricon baiting system of Pest-Away installed in our home.

The baiting system is designed to give the termites an alternative food source that inhibits their ability to shed and grow, they disappear. Sentricon targets the termite workers and soldiers since they are in charge of finding food for the king and queen. Once they are eliminated, the queen will have no food source thus preventing the colony from reproducing.

What I appreciate the most with the Pest-Away team is their swift response to my request to survey our home.  They were able to help us identify 2 nests in our storage area and immediately addressed the situation.  They come for monthly checks and their service is excellent with a team that is knowledgeable and pleasant. Most of the time, even when I lose track of the schedule, I can rely on Pest-Away to call on me to remind me that our home is due for inspection.

Our home is now termite free and it is good to know that we can depend on able help to make sure we protect our home from these silent destroyers.



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August 22, 2016 by Mommy Maricel

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