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Every mother is concerned about her child’s physical development.  I don’t recall any of my babies ever lagging behind when it comes to their physical development.  I am however, aware that mothers get really concerned about their children not being able to reach appropriate physical developmental milestones and my message to them is to CHILL.  Unless there are signs that clearly show extreme delay in development, it would be best for the parents to focus on enjoying time with their child rather than rushing them to be able to achieve a certain milestone.

Here are some tips in creating an environment of growth, fun and development for your toddlers:

  1. Get them used to a routine.  For example, eating, playing, bathing, changing, sleeping should be something they can anticipate in and get used to in order for them to feel secure about their surroundings and be comfortable with the people caring for them.
  2. Make sure you allow them to explore.  Children who are kept in their playpens for long periods of time will definitely not be able to explore as much and, naturally, their bodies would not be able develop as quickly. .
  3. Give them room. Lay down a mat where there are toys that can be played with and then enjoy watching them try to explore all the areas of that space.  Gradually increase the area where they can roam around while reassuring them that you are always there so that they’ll feel safe.
  4. Dress them appropriately.   Uninterrupted play is so crucial to a child’s enjoyment and growth.  Good thing there are diapers like Huggies Dry Pants nowadays that allow children to be active and free while moving about.   Because of its 360 comfort fit, it enables active development.
  5. Allow for some quiet time.  Toddlers also need to have a chance to be on their own and not necessarily to be entertained all the time.  This allows them to understand their bodies more and then get used to the fact that there are times of play and times of quiet.
  6. Rest is a must.  Do not underestimate a toddler’s need for rest.  This should be prioritized because a child lacking in sleep will be cranky for sure, compromising their over-all health and development.
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May 24, 2016 by Mommy Maricel

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