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My daughter, Hannah will become a teenager next week and one of the best gifts she has already received is her healing from skin asthma or eczema.

For the longest time we have together fought the battle against this form of skin allergy which she had even as a young child.  I did my research of course and gathered up the whole household to be involved in Hannah’s total healing.  Battling eczema was quite a challenge because we didn’t have the easy access to medicines and natural forms of relief then but we persevered.  We also prayed hard for Hannah’s healing of course.  We have learned that much of Hannah’s healing depended on many factors:

  • Identifying the triggers and avoiding them or consuming and being around them in moderation
  • Being super vigilant in maintaining moisturized skin with the constant application of an emollient or fragrance free lotion
  • Regular trimming of nails as it prevents the skin from wounds when itchiness attacks
  • Watching her diet and avoiding culprits such as foods with additives, coloring and allergens
  • Taking care of self by taking a shower immediately after exposure to sun and dirt
  • Having handy her skin ointment, in this case we use Elica as the relief is immediate and the steroidal content very safe


Such things we learned through time and much through the guidance of our doctor, reaserch and open communication with Hannah.

No more white patches or dry scaly skin!

Everything really happens for a good reason and we know it.  For the longest time, Hannah had hoped to see the purpose of her allergies. One day I got a call asking if any of my children had eczema and I said yes.  Actually 3 out of 5 of them have it but Hannah’s was the most severe.  Then I was asked by our agent if I would be willing to endorse a certain ointment. I said only if it’s steroidal content is low enough to make it safe to use and something that we can recommend to others.  I said actually the only brand I know that fits my description would be Elica.  Voila!  It was for Elica and a partnership soon took place. Now that we have become brand ambassadors for Elica, Hannah has been asked by young people about her condition and they’re happy that the word is out about it not being contagious and that it can be managed and even healed.

Here is a snippet of the launch-

With my manager and sis, Ate Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano

Mother and daughter team

The whole team behind Elica from MSD, agency to us!

Here are two versions of the tvc which you can view:

A background on eczema…

And more information about it

Guidelines on eczema

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September 6, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

4 thoughts on “A very special gift”

  1. Nympha Anderson says:


    Is this safe for 9-mo old bubs? Mydaughter has eczema too.

  2. I can so relate to hannah as I had the same allergies also in the folds of my arms while i was griwing up. What a blessing for her to be healed and yes, it does take a lot of vigilance and care, what more for hannah who is an athlete. Happy for you hannah!:) thanks for sharing maricel!

  3. april echanes says:

    is this safe on face?,,tnx

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      yes, this is safe for the face 🙂

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