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My nephew, Malaya was baptized recently and it was such a joy to celebrate another milestone in our family.  A child is indeed a gift and worthy to be celebrated.  I always look forward to my sister, Mutya’s invitations for get togethers because I know I would be in for a surprise as to how she and her husband, Jinggoy Buensuceso would spruce up their place for that special occasion.  They did not disappoint. I had a filling of wonderful art, food and the love of family and friends. Here is a glimpse of that memorable day…

Jinggoy in his special barong and bun!

Yes, my brother-in-law wears a bun and is not ashamed to strut it…he’s got longer hair than my sister and I really think it’s cool!

Jinggoy, Malaya, Mutya, Mayumi outside the church

Photo above was taken in haste just before we left the church but they still look fab,right? Haha!  We had to rush to their house so we could help cook the food and finish the set up! Talk about multitasking…

A haven of bliss

Jinggoy welcomed us with his art-left, right, top and bottom. We were surrounded by art everywhere. Jinggoy specializes in metal art. His canvas is metal and uses a welding machine as his brush! The mobile on top was his work as well and here is a detailed photo of that…

bird house table top ornaments

wall fixture

this completes the picture

Believe it or not, the branches Jinggoy used to make this magnificent lamp came from my daughter, Solana’s birthday party.  I was about to throw it and Jinggoy made this out of it and that was how he thought of the whole concept with the bird house and all.  All of this was done overnight! The curtains in their dining room is a work of Jinggoy’s very good friend, Wataru Sakuma of Maseco.

simple delectable food served in tasteful artsy design as well

We not only got our filling from having been surrounded by beautiful art..we had our filling with homemade food served in the most passionate way…

Jinggoy’s corner

This was Jinggoy’s turf and he guarded it with his life…oh for just the whole time at the party! He made and served us the meanest paninis in town!

the kiss they both deserve

Well, my sister and bro managed to wow us with every detail of the event and they both deserve this kiss too as it happened to be their anniversary too! CONGRATULATIONS!

All things must come to an end but all of us left stuffed and happy….

Christine, Iago & Gil Coscolluela



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September 28, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

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