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I love visiting my parents wherever they are but I am most excited to see how their home in the boondocks near us blossom each time we visit.  My mom said she wanted us over to have a belated birthday celebration for me-her baby so we came hungry and prepared for a really good meal.  I love how much of what we partake came from their garden like :


wild cherry tomatoes  and herbs.


In order to allow the carnivores amongst us to enjoy their food just the same, well there is enough yummy beef, poultry & seafood to add to a simple/sumptuous shabu-shabu surprise.

ef9005884f5049f202e0dbdc167d31d77139bf7d63fbf10fd1da23c4309ee701Our dear Ate Susan is the best at putting together concoctions for us to enjoy and she makes it seem like a breeze to feed hungry people no matter how many they may be.

8fbc8c211434f753171d990d8cd99a427eb623b852c1130781f83bb1de34bcd5What I cherish the most is the endless chatter and laughter from stories told from three generations and the banter that transpires having a nonagenarian in the house while a toddler also is let loose to express her tiny but huge presence.


My Lola/Mamang may be 93 but she is one cool dudette as shown here with her love-her Donny.


There are no words to describe the view in the boondocks at sunset.  There is just awe and thanks at the fact that we can enjoy one another until the day ends.


We just marvel
e5927a294aaa7d76804da953c459fc7b625ca2061d968a0b1273823b15773bb1and give thanks at dusk until a new day dawns.. Thank you Lord, for such joys!


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March 9, 2015 by Mommy Maricel

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