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Sharing this email I got from my friend and mentor, Leah Marasigan-Darwin.  Listen up, all you single women! Exciting times ahead with this book 🙂 – Maricel


The other day I heard that one young woman in a church where my friend goes to was engaged to be married to a man.  This she was doing against the counsel of her mentors and disciplers, including my friend.

Then she read this book, wept, and canceled the wedding.

                                       Inline image 1

I pray not many men will curse me as a result of writing this book, but it might just save some young people from wrong choices.
It’s available on Amazon kindle.

Bless those you love… perhaps God can use this little book, a very easy read…to open the eyes of your young daughters or granddaughters, as to God’s heart for them and their future marriages.  Tell your friends about it too by forwarding this message to them.

Love you and yours,
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April 2, 2013 by Mommy Maricel

1 thought on “Choose God’s Best!”

  1. Leah Darwin says:

    Wow! Thank you Maricel for posting this so soon after you got it!

    People here in the Philippines can buy the printed copy of the book most bookstores here in our country.

    Love you and bless you for loving mommies in the world!


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