So many people have been asking me for vegetarian recipes and then I realized that I haven’t posted the recent food creations of my Ate Bev.  Here are some of those you have missed and I have not posted.  For recipe requests, kindly indicate for what particular food in the comments box. We’ll be happy to share them with you especially because all our veggie posts here are proudly made at home that everyone may partake and enjoy!

Here they are:

Stir fried assorted veggies with tofu

Pasta Fussili with tomato and black olive sauce

Tofu sisig with vegetable fried rice

Green Paella

Basil/lettuce Pesto Pasta

Shitake Mushroom Tempura with Buttered Veggies and Herbs

Tofu Steak with Lemon

Scrambled eggs with peas and carrots on a bed of java rice

Here are some of the recipes we’ve been blessed to have as well from different folks who love us…

Hannah’s cupcake creations

Special soup concoction by my Mommy

Specially put together by Hyatt for me thru my Philam hosts

Desert given by my Sis Vicki-yummy!



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September 18, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

5 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food!”

  1. elani says:

    hi mommy maricel, please give me the recipe of Tofu Steak with Lemon and Tofu sisig with vegetable fried rice, Green Paella, many thanks in advance, hugs and loves!

  2. Jing Cruz says:

    Hi Maricel, I was one of your fans during your showbiz career and I still love reading items about you. Glad I found this blog site of yours. I am a Mom of 3 girls and love to cook. Can you please share the recipe for Stir Fried Asstd Veggies w/ tofu, Pasta Fussili, Basil Pesto Pasta, Tofu Steak with Lemon, Scrambled Eggs on a bed of Java Rice and Crispy Kangkon. I hope this is not overwhelming of a request. Just send when you have the chance and you don’t need to send it all. God bless you and your family always. May you continue to be an inspiration to all of us Moms.

  3. FC Riola says:

    Hi Mommy Maricel. It is so inspiring to see and hear a celebrity like you proclaim the love of God and His gospel in whatever endeavor you and your family are involved in. I am so encouraged by your family and their love for Him too. I pray you may continue to inspire and encourage others towards Him. I enjoy reading your write-ups on raising your kids and caring for your family.

    May I please ask for the recipes to: tofu sisig with vegetable fried rice, green paella and tofu steak with lemon.

    Thanks! God bless your and your family!

  4. Grace Tan says:

    Hi Mrs.Maricel i would like to have a reipe of your healthy and seems so delish food…..scrambled eggs with peas and carrots on a bed of java rice,
    Tofu sisig with vegetable fried rice
    Stir fried assorted veggies with tofu
    Pasta Fussili with tomato and olive sauce,tofu steak with lemon,this would be a great help for me preparing healthy food for my family!Thank you so much in advance ;may you continue to inspire more people and May God bless you and your family!!

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      Hi, Grace! Will try to send the recipes one at a time as time allows. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 -MLP

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