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This is my continuing post on coping with eczema.  As I have shared in my previous entries, we have had the chance to rise above our challenges  with eczema through various ways.  The key is prevention more than anything and equipping ourselves with the proper knowledge about it really helps all the family members in supporting those who have eczema.  This condition is not infectious. Certain weather conditions may aggravate eczema in some people  It can definitely subside and managed properly by making sure their skin is properly  and Elica is applied early on to eczema rashes.

When daytime hydration is prioritised, this could very well mean a good night’s rest .  Moisturise all throughout the day so that itchiness is minimised.  I make sure that my kids have their emollients handy so that at any time of the day when they feel dry, they are able to moisturise right away.

Here are some ways you can set the tone for a restful sleep for your kids with eczema:

  • Make sure nails are kept short always.
  • A nice , cool bath with a generous amount of emollient applied on the skin right after bathing .  Pat to dry with towel.
  • Dress in cotton nightwear
  • Make sure they sleep in omfortable beddings that are light and preferably made of cotton in a cool room at around .
  • A happy disposition before bed paves way for beautiful dreams

A good night’s rest for my child means a good night’s rest for the rest of the family as well.

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November 14, 2014 by Mommy Maricel

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