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For almost a year, we have been blessed to have gone to different schools and SM malls all-over Manila and Aklan to be able to share our parenting principles to families with the help of our valued sponsors: SM Malls, Elica, Life Oil, Goldilocks and PLDT MyHome.

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This was through the initiative of our young and dynamic team that consists of Albert Salazar, Goldee Salcedo, Aikee Enciso, Janette Ganaban who started with us many moons ago when they were fresh out of college when we launched our parenting movement via the Philippine Parenting Convention series.  Now that they have gone on to different engagements and been exposed to a variety of events, they have invited us to come together to reach out to parents in the schools and malls via the HIP Pinas series.

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Our mission is simple: to encourage pro-active parenting in the country.

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Our vision is to empower and engage parents, to shed light on important parenting issues today, to equip them to be effective in their homes and families, and create a national parenting support group. The campaign also hopes to involve all sectors of society.

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HIP PINAS 2013-2014 was composed of a string of monthly events  held at various places including public and private schools, malls and communities.

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These events  featured testimonies from celebrity parents,

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talks from experts,

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and unique talents.

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All our hi-impact and entertaining HIP events were for free and it was a joy to have been able to touch the lives of people who can truly make a difference in their families. Thank you so much to our valued sponsors for making this happen!

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This makes us have hope for the future.  I’m excited for the coming HIP Pinas runs. Let’s get HIP, Pinas!

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May 14, 2014 by Mommy Maricel

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