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1. Make time. It shows your kids who is priority.

I often hear this being said by both moms and dads- they don’t have time to do many things even for themselves.  In reality, when one says he does not have time to do something, it actually means it is not priority.  That simple.

All of us are busy but here is how first time mom/photographer, Sam Godinez Valenciano shares about her dad, Jaime’s priorities in life:

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My dad raised Alex and I like little boys before he had Mikel. He alwayyyyyyys gave us the BEST but did it just right to NOT SPOIL us. I for some reason always felt like things were too expensive to get but we always got the best of everything. Hahaha he’d take us to theme parks, play football with us in our small garden… pretend to be a monster while we’d hide under his bed, play video games with us… but at the same time we’d be scared of him during report card day, or when my sister and I would fight or when we don’t finish our veggies. He DISCIPLINED us with lecture but after everything, he’d HUG us and TELL US WHY he got mad and would let us know that he loved us. My dad was a beginner like all dads but he did all of this on top of all his hard work building his own business from scratch and taking care of us all.

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So I think that’s what impacted me the most is how he has so much on his plate but prioritizes us. My dad is such a busy man but while he’s travelling the world or coming home late from work, I know that he will DROP EVERYTHING to answer my call, or help me with a techie question for my work haha or MAKE SURE that we’re all ok.

2. Love your children’s mother to give them a healthy definition of love.

How a father treats his significant other or ex-significant other for that matter has a tremendous effect on a child’s view of his or her future significant other.  A child’s first impression of how  to relate with others is conceived in the home.  Regardless of whether the couple is together or not in one home, how they relate to one another speaks volumes about how their children view their future spouses.  If fathers want to help secure a better future for their kids, they will take this into great consideration: how to treat the mother of their children.

My daughter Hannah adores her daddy to the hilt.  She however draws a lot more of strength and confidence about her outlook on the future from how her father loves me, her mom.

“My daddy’s love for mom, their love for each other serves as the perfect expectation for us as girls when it comes to a significant other. No matter what happens there’s always that unconditional factor involved in the lovingness of a husband and how God’s love is reflected through his personality and expression as well.

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He mirrors the love of Jesus through the way he treats my mom, making us expect such a love from others. It doesn’t allow me to find anything less in a future significant other.

My standards are higher and that’s a good thing because I don’t settle for superficial gestures of “love”.

He reminds us to help my mom when she is stressed .  He does this quietly so that his love is translated to the children too”.

3.  Watch your language. Your words have power and reveal what is in your heart.

Words have power.  Proverbs 18:21 says, “the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit”.  I have witnessed many lives ruined because of the curses thrown upon them by their fathers. How sad it is for a child to be carelessly spoken to.  For fathers who recognise the power of their words in the lives of their children and handle its timing and delivery with great care, great surprises await.

This is true for Kuya Kim Atienza whose life was redirected from a political career path towards becoming one of the most respected wholesome and inspirational multimedia influencers of today. The blessing that came from his father opened a whole new world for him and for all those whose lives were transformed with the message he gives daily whether in the weather update or in any of his social media platforms.

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Kuya Kim (Atienza) shares, “My dad showed how totally selfless he was when he allowed me to pursue a TV career and veer away from a political career that he and my family prepared me for. It was a year to go before the mayoralty elections  when I asked for his blessings. Sensing my  anxiety he didn’t even let me Speak. He looked at me lovingly that morning and said “when I  watch you on TV I can see how happy you are. I WANT the best for you. I GIVE you my blessing.” That was 13 years ago since I left politics and became your “kuya”.”

4.  Draw from the Father above.

One of the hardest occupations for a dad would be as Pastor of a church. There is a tall order to exude God all the time.  Being human, people will most likely to commit mistakes.  However, what would test a pastor’s genuine qualities would be in the presence of those closest to him and that is at home.  Steven , youngest son of Pastor Paul Chase describes his dad as faithful.  He mirrors what he loves the most about his Father above.

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“My dad’s favourite subject regarding the Father is His faithfulness. And that has translated into his life in abundance. My dad isn’t perfect but he is the greatest example of faithfulness.  It’s hard to remember one specific instance at the moment. But what speaks loudest to me is the fact that my parents are still here in the country for over 30 years. There’s only a handful of missionaries that have done that and on top of that even to this day I have no doubt that if I was in trouble my dad would be there for me”.

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June 19, 2017 by Mommy Maricel

7 thoughts on “How Fathers Can Impact Their Children In Very Good Ways”

  1. Anne M. says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in your life, Mommy Maricel! 🙂

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      Thank you, Anne!

  2. Anthony pangilinan says:

    Love this. Love you.

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      <3 <3 <3

  3. Madel says:

    Good read!❤️

  4. Chel Pangilinan-Arenas says:

    this is so inspiring, Maricel. thank you praise God for every father who’s pulled out all stops to keep working to be the best dad he can be to honor his own Father in heaven. they love because God loved them first

  5. JOCELYN says:

    A father knows best as well. Both mom and dad knew that. I was born with a military father that’s why I was raised by a military discipline. what you see what you hear when you leave just leave it here! I will never forget that word my dad told me. ❤

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