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I just had to write this post because of having to help moms on a regular basis about their ordeals about hiring, training and keeping their hired help at home.  It is amazing what chaos it can bring to a family when the household staff are not in order and when there is disharmony among the members of the family.  I remember as a young stay at home mom, I would frequent the playground with my children and witness all sorts of things that would make a huge CEO go berserk or a diligent working mom smile if they would witness what really goes on while they are away.

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So many times, I found myself wishing that there could be a way for the yayas to be trained the right way if only there was a program available for them so they could do their job better .  After all, they do have good hearts who have set out to want to find work and work that they can also draw joy from.  During that time which was almost 20 years ago, there were really not many if at all-programs that could aid parents on how to train their household staff.

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So, my husband challenged me to put together a program for yayas based on what I have observed that could make them be more efficient at work and give the parents more peace of mind knowing they have left with their precious children willing and able caregivers for them.


That was the birth of the I Love You, Yaya Seminar Series.  I partnered with the Center for Early Childhood Care and Development to help me with the curriculum as well as my sisters-in-law , Dra. Donna Simpao and Felichi Buizon and we ran them for 10 years!  The wealth of information we gathered has been put in a manual that the employers can then study and then the second part of the manual which we wrote in Taglish is a worksheet that something the yayas can answer while listening to the whole seminar in audio form.


We cannot just leave caring for our children to chance.  We can now equip ourselves to better show the way for our yayas so we could be solid partners in raising our children.


My hope is that this resource guide would reach those who we have not reached thru our seminars and then touch the lives of the children left to their care in a positive, loving and purposeful way.  This is also for the love of the yayas who give their lives to us and the moms and dads who want what is best for their family.


Some topics you can find in this manual: from hiring, training, delegating and keeping your partnership intact and joyful.  Worksheets that yayas can learn from cover basic health, hygiene and nutrition as well as first aid.  In handling children, they will be guided on the importance of play, creative learning and alternatives to television viewing.  For solidifying partnership with the family, yaya will be able to learn about family/yaya partnership, manners and how to overcome stress and burnout.

For orders and inquiries contact: Helen Fuentes of The Parenting Company thru +639198045215.



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May 5, 2015 by Mommy Maricel

4 thoughts on “How to have a rewarding Family/Yaya Partnership”

  1. Rachel says:

    well done mam. God bless you/

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      Thank you, Rachel!

  2. Lency Roceles says:

    09 Dec. 2016

    May I know if the I Love you Yaya seminar is still ongoing?

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      We do hold it for special groups. At the same time, we do have a Yaya Handbook that is easy to follow and includes materials to help employers train their Yayas.

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