I so love weddings!  If you haven’t noticed yet, we have been attending weddings left and right and I try my best to share with you our experience of such momentous events.  The thing I like about weddings these days is the attention to every single detail about it that has ballooned into a huge business.  At the same time, such attention to details I believe, brings out the best and the worst in people and I think it’s  a great way to get a partnership started!
When I look back at how my wedding was put together and amazingly organised, I realise that the reason why I had an amazing time was because I basically just let the people who are experts in their respective fields handle what was necessary for the big day-that’s Anthony and his team!  I basically just came to the wedding beautiful and blushing-the way every bride should be.
It would have to be one that has sort of defined our marriage-I try not to sweat the small stuff and leave the stuff to experts .  Besides, when I am happy, everybody is happy.
Because Joey and Sitti’s wedding has been highly publicised, I decided to give you a glimpse to Sitti’s thoughts about her big day.  Her answers will blow your mind and remind you why we all love weddings.  Cheers!

1.  What were your exact feelings the day of your wedding? Did you have any second thoughts about it?

The day of my wedding I was just happy and excited. No second thoughts at all, haha. God gave us a beautiful Catholic ceremony the day before and I knew that rain or shine, the Christian ceremony would be beautiful as well.

2.  Describe your new hubby in one word

Exceptional 🙂

3.  It rained just before the ceremony-did that scare you?

It didn’t! For months we have been praying that it won’t rain.. but I kinda knew that it would because God knows how much I love the rain, haha! And it all turned out so beautifully with all the white umbrellas, and how softly the grass we all tread on was. The rains have always been a part of our love story – the week that Joey and I met it was raining all throughout – so it was just fitting that we had a light drizzle 🙂

4.  If that day would be encapsulated in a song-what would it be?

Amazing Grace – we planned and prayed so hard for the two-day wedding.. but it was God who just put everything together amazingly! Sobrang we were all astounded at how beautifully and fun everything turned out. God’s love and amazing grace, His hand was just evident throughout the two ceremonies and the reception after – we all just basked in it. We all felt His love swimming through us and our guests. Until now I am still hungover at how wonderful and joyful it was.

5.  Three words you want to leave to your parents

– I am in good, Godly hands.
– I will always love you and take care of you
– You have a new son. 🙂

6.  Top 5 lessons from your mom that you will bring to your marriage

– Live simply.
– Pray always.
– Resolve all issues or arguments in the bedroom
– “Wag salubungin ang init ng ulo ng isa’t isa”
– My mom to Joey: “Moody ang anak ko, pagpasensyahan mo lang.”

7. 3 wishes for this new season in your life– a deeper understanding of my husband
– guidance and knowledge on how to be a good wife
– for our hearts to always be united. To truly understand, and live out, what being one heart, one mind, one body means.

8.  One message you have to all who came all the way to Baguio to witness your union

All of you, with your prayers and your genuine friendship and care for Joey and me, touched our hearts and made our wedding just so beautiful. We will forever cherish your kindness.. We will look back at our wedding as a time when God so showered us with His grace, and that grace flowed through all of you, as well. We thank you, ever so much. We love you all.

9.  How would you complete this sentence for now… My name is Sitti Navarro-Ramirez….

My name is Sitti Navarro – Ramirez. This singer has found the song she was created to sing forever. I am happy, I am grateful. My union to Joey – all the broken and winding roads that led to our meeting, and the joyful Baguio wedding that we had, is a testament to how amazing and loving our God is. He will surprise you, as He has surprised us with the gift of each other. Just always pray, do your best in whatever you do, and sit back and watch how He works. Prepare to be amazed. 🙂 <3

10. Your message to God whom you have just made a covenant with together with Joey–

I love You, Lord. Grabe Kayo, that was some wedding! Thank You for being with us since the day we met, thank You for blessing us with so much love and support from our families. I know that You are faithful, that You will be with Joey and me till the end. We love You and we continually ask for Your grace, that in our marriage, Joey and I will bring honour to you. Thank You Lord, gid gid gid! You are the absolute best.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.08.14 PM
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.08.32 PM
Friends from the ‘biz who attended:  Boy Abunda (ninong), Anthony Pangilinan , RJ Jacinto (ninong) and Nikki Gil
Sessionistas in attendance: Aiza Seguerra, Nyoy Volante, Kean Cipriano, Richard Poon who all sang
Gary V (bridal march. song: Love Someone by Jason Mraz)
Martin Nievera (first dance: Forevermore)
Bridal gown: Vania Romoff
Groom’s suit: Francis Libiran
Christian ceremony and reception: Golf Course Holes 3&4 of the Baguio Country Club
Bride’s reception dress: Rian Fernandez
Hairpiece: BJ Chavez
Makeup: RB Chanco
Hair: Arianne Antonio
Event Styling: Julienne Styling
Florist: Gary Dacanay
Coordinator: Events by Marge
Over-all Attire Styling: John Lozano
Invitations: Print Café
Wine Favours:
Photo: Cherryblocks
Video: Jason Magbanua
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