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My last post about my book, Kuya na si Bunso was about my visit to The Manila International Bookfair. I’m happy to share with you about the success of that event and how blessed I am to have the opportunity to share the contents of that book to so many people.

We had a full house with parents and children so eager to listen.  What a joy to be with them!

This was actually a dream come true to me -every time I am asked to tell the stories I have written to people, I realize the blessing of having the privilege to share the learnings from my stories to so many people.  The book Kuya na si Bunso was inspired by my son, Benjamin when he asked: ‘Mom, what happens to the other children now that there is a new baby coming? Will there be love left for them still?’. For some divine inspiration, I managed to reply: ‘Son, each time a mommy is pregnant with a baby, she is pregnant with love in her heart .  There is enough love for all!’. His smile was an indication his burdens were released..which also meant the beginning of a new book…

Thank you, National Bookstore for your support!  Thank you, all for coming and the chance to tell Kuya na si Bunso’s story and to get close to all of you…

Till next time!

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September 17, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

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