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This carrot cake made my day. My daughter, Hannah made it for me after I invited her to join me in bed and she had this grand idea of doing computer games together. It drew my son, Benjamin out of his room where he locked himself up after being upset with me for something I totally forgot about. Oh yeah, I told him to be nice to our cook but I wasn’t so nice to him while telling him off. So he zoomed to his room and locked himself up.

Just when I have given up when my day just started, I had enough sense in me to correct what was wrong because I could not live another second having wasted precious moments with my children being in conflict with them. Well ok, I also didn’t want to delay giving them my Mother’s Day wish list which I was working on all morning because we weren’t ok. Hehe.

Going back to the cupcake…it was heavenly and it melted all that went wrong in the morning..while I was enjoying it, Benjamin was just singing to the top of his lungs and running about the house with joy.

It takes so little to make things right…and so little to make a gloomy day into a glorious one.

Happy Mama here. Can I still wish for more?

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May 8, 2013 by Mommy Maricel

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