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I have attended several weddings in the past few months and I realise that my new role is either Ninang or Tita to the newly married couple.  I would like to think that more than anything, I hope that it is not because of my age alone but more so for having sustained a fulfilling 21 year marriage by God’s grace as well.


I had this idea of sharing with you my top picks for every newlywed’s library. There are gazillions of book choices all over the net and everywhere but these books have been very helpful to us and have helped set up good foundations for our life as a couple.




We have been witnesses to countless weddings ranging from simple to elaborate ones and the thought that always come to mind would be the hope that the couple will spend more time investing in the marriage more than the wedding itself.  A wedding lasts for a day but the marriage spans a lifetime.

May these books be helpful to you.  Happy reading!


There is nothing more important than building our foundation as a couple in Christ. Coming together in prayer has made us truly one and many times, when we find ourselves in disagreement, we go to the Word to help point the way.


Some of the most liberating books I have read about surviving and thriving with a totally different individual are books that show our uniqueness and how we can honor one another despite them.  Many times, arguments can be avoided by simply understanding where the other is coming from.  A lot of times as well, one can make the other inspired by simple gestures about what matters to them.


men are from mars and women are from venus book cover



Our Ninang Coney Reyes gifted us with this book about home organizing and it has truly been helpful in allowing me to create some order in our home to allow a little bit more tranquility amidst our busy lives.  In the area of organizing our home, I have to admit that Anthony is a natural but is limited with his time because of work so I have drank so much from reading Emilie’s Creative Home Organizer so I could have a chance to help out in our home organization.


I am not sure if there is an updated version of this cookbook but if you can find even the original version, I assure you it is a gem to have in the home.  It is true that the way to your husband’s heart in thru his stomach and Let’s Cook with Nora is for me a must have to get you started with simple local recipes to make your husband come home right after a day’s work!


When it comes to finances, it is best to figure out who is best at handling your money.  If both of you are unsure about this area, pls. don’t delay talking about it.  Get the simplest and straight to the point book about budgeting your home finances.  I love the Dummies series and have a bunch at home for simple solutions that are super helpful.


In my opinion, one of the most crucial events as a couple that would need special attention especially in the first year of marriage would be Christmas.  The merging of two families and then their friends and associates, etc. would need to be acknowledged via gifts or presence in reunions and most of the time, the building of tradition for the couple’s new family alone may be neglected.  Balancing time with relatives and friends and perhaps fighting for the tradition you will want to carry on for the rest of your family life is key in truly enjoying the most wonderful season of the year to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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April 11, 2015 by Mommy Maricel

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