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I can’t let this day pass without greeting my son, the Kuya na Bunso / SuperBenj here in my blog.  Eleven years of life, literally a celebration of life, love and lots of energy!

A survivor in every sense of the word having had open heart surgery at 4 and then coming out as a champion many times over in various sporting events like soccer, table tennis and triathlon.  He loves the wild and can’t live without it.  Thrives tinkering with gadgets and the discovery of tools to help him survive the jungle. He worships Jesus and gives Him credit for all that he has become and all that he ought to be .

In all his being wild is a boy with a huge and soft spot for people, animals and his surroundings.  Best of all , we thank God for Benjamin for his sweet ways and for his generosity in everything he owns.  The fact that he loves to cuddle and curl up with me and his daddy even to this day is something we constantly cherish.

We thank God for another year and look forward to many, many adventures with our Benjamin. Happy birthday, my Benjamin!! ❤❤❤

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August 2, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

2 thoughts on “My Super Benj!”

  1. Mommy Maricel says:

    thank you mom i love you to !

  2. sweet ANN says:

    I’m awed at how great your son is doing. Such great spirit Benj has and such humbling heart for giving all the credit to our Lord.
    I myself had an open heart surgery at a young age of 8. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself in mountain trekking and doing my regular jogs.
    Yep! All for His Glory! 🙂

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