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Solana and I love the same things: the water and flowers ♥

Overslept and missed my morning bike ride with friends.  Felt really guilty since I have prepared all my gear already and I have been wanting to diligently follow my Coach Ani’s program for taper week in preparation for the 70.3 IronMan in Cebu.  But how could I not oversleep when wrapped around me is my baby, Solana who slept so soundly after we adjusted her dinner time?

I have been wanting to have her sleep more soundly and much longer so instead of nursing her in the middle of the night, I’ve tried to allow her to fall back to sleep on her own but she seems to have had difficulty doing so.  One short chat with my mom gave me great insight! Whoa, moms really know best.  She insisted Solana was hungry and I couldn’t agree with her because I was certain my baby was full. When I verified with her Yaya Rose, I realized a 6:30 pm dinner would indeed make my baby hungry…Oh but I should already know these things! Oh well, we learn something new everyday.  We fed Solana at 5 then again just before 8pm and voila, sleep soundly she did…and so did I!

Instead of sulking, I decided to shift to my swim training which was supposed to be in the afternoon to this morning.  My swim buddy and I had a blast in the pool then I got my work out done and felt great about it. The weather was great and the pool was just awesome.  Thank you, Lord for surprises that greet us when we choose to see things your way!

Got to enjoy this right after ☺ Yummy, vegetarian Phad Thai with lots of cilantro!

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July 28, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

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