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I remember when we were children, we used to chant, “it’s a gloomy day, it’s a gloomy day-oh I want to play even if it is a gloomy day!” Nothing and no one stopped us from playing.  For example, I learned to maneuver a small hobie cat sailboat at the beach in the middle of a storm!  My little brother, Melvin and I with a group of friends had a blast attacking the fierce waves and then trying our best not to capsize our tiny little boat.  Thank God, we were kept safe!  I love going back to my childhood days when we weren’t bothered by anything else except what kind of play to engage with after.  So when there are rainy and gloomy days like today-the sound of the rain makes my heart leap.  Stay safe and dry!


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December 15, 2015 by Mommy Maricel

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