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Photo taken in Guam by Allison Ford

Sharing with you all this poem my son (@DonnyPangilinan on twitter) made which I found in my inbox….Enjoy!



A lot more to go, just keep up the pace
Keep the mind focused, as you picture the race
The weather’s an oven, but that will not hinder
For you are a runner, and you will run further
Slowly overtake, one by one
Take a quick glimpse behind, to see if there’s none

Halfway through, losing some breath
Run like the wind, don’t worry ‘bout death
Look in front and see how he has led
Take off quitting from your head
Sweat dripping harder, like a running faucet
Increasing the pace, like a soaring eaglet

The mind’s playing tricks as the finish line’s seen
Your shoes and uniform, all are unclean
No time to think just run and run
Use up your energy till it’s all gone
A hundred more meters, legs work on their own
The mind acts as if it wants to moan

Pass the finish line like a worn out shoe
The feeling of victory is passing through
Because you ran as if being chased by a gunner
Now you can yourself The Runner.

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March 4, 2013 by Mommy Maricel

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