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Since most of the children are still in the midst of adjusting to being back to school, I have decided to ask teachers what they wish parents knew about their children.  Hopefully, this will also give a glimpse of how to support our children’s growth while in school.  Do let me know your thoughts.  Perhaps in my next blog entry, I can also share what parents wish their children’s teachers knew about their kids. :

1. Children need to learn independence. May the parents know that their children are longing for opportunities at home for tasks to further develop their independence. -Teacher Kleng

2. Parents need not be defensive when it comes to their children. When we ask for their child to be checked by a Devped (or any specialist), it’s not because we just want them to be labelled.  It’s because we want to know what the child exactly needs so we can address them properly. -Teacher Faye

3. It is not always your child’s teacher’s fault. I hope the parents would not blame the teachers if their kids have low grades.  We only grade the output that the students would give us.  What is the point of having a 95 if the child’s output is only 85?  Sometimes the parents tend to blame teachers for their bad behaviour and if they don’t turn out right, it is the teacher’s fault. Instilling proper values ins the primary task of the parents.  They are the first and the last people the children see during the day.  Teachers just reinforce good values in school.-Teacher Jesse

4. Message to parents: Don’t rush your kids to grow up.  Let them be kids.-Teacher Karen

5. Teachers care for their students. I wish parents would know that when we raise concerns about their kids, it is not because we are out to get them, or ‘pinag-iinitan’ namin sila.  We also care about them and want to help their children to be better, properly functioning humans. -Teacher Arrianna

6. Teachers hope to prepare their students for life. I want parents to know that we are not here to prepare kids for something…we are here to prepare kids for anything.  I got this quote from a Model School conference.  Hindi tayo tagahanda sa test, sa quiz sa admission..tagahanda tayo sa buhay nila. -Teacher Tina

7. Children see, children do.  I wish parents would realize that their child is a different person than them BUT would also know that a lot of their child’s behavior are ‘learned’ from them.  May they know how to be objective about their child and be able to distance themselves and ask: ‘sakin ba ito mana?’, ‘bakit nya kaya nagawa iyon?’, ‘ano kaya ang dapat gawin?’ -Teacher Joyce

8. Presence speak louder than presents. I wish parents would know that their time and attention are more important for their children than the material things and the work they do ‘for them’.  Yes, they work hard for their children’s future. Yes, they kids will realise all their efforts when they grow up.  However, right now, with their innocent minds and fragile hearts, all they yearn for are parents watching them perform on stage, parents leaving work just to stage a simple birthday celebration in school and parents who team up with their teachers in helping them grow and learn well.  -Teacher Steph

9. Know the difference between caring and over-pampering. Parents should know the balance between taking care of their children and over pampering them. Minsan po nakakastress pag yung student ay super pampered. -Teacher Em

10. Consistency between home and school values help hasten growth. I wish parents know that their children are part of a community.  That means, everything they do will affect others. So whatever they learn at home, it will reflect on how they treat others in school, and vice versa. Therefore, as much as possible, there should be consistency on the values taught at home and in school, or at least teach them to be understanding and compassionate when values differ. -Teacher Loreen

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July 8, 2017 by Mommy Maricel

5 thoughts on “What Teachers Wish Their Pupils’ Parents Knew About Their Children”

  1. Meliza says:

    I like po lhat ng naibahagi s article because some of the parents doesn’t realized the needs of their child… Gusto LNG nila ng better future s education but the values and the learning n dapat s parents nagmumula ay nalleleft behind..The teachers cannot give all the love and support to them because the person who can give it most is still the parents…

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      So true, Meliza. -MLP

  2. Thanks for this article ms.Maricel.Its very informative and a very big help for us parents in raising our children esp. Now that my baby just started in school.

    1. Mommy Maricel says:

      You are welcome, Maria! All the best to your child 🙂 -MLP

  3. JOCELYN says:

    Sorry for the late reply just very bz. Good that you are sharing a lot of tips in parenting and taking care of our children. A lot of things that I was not able to do for my 2 adult children. But thank god bcoz of constant communication i was able to teach them the good manners and right conduct, with the help also of my husband. ❤

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