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For many years, I thought that the best way to love my family was to pour in to them all my time, energy and thoughts.  I was happy loving them that way until a friend of mine shared another perspective that allowed me to love my family more.  This perspective allowed me not only to love my family but love them even more.

The idea of putting one’s mommy self first made me feel guilty in the beginning but once I embraced the fact that I was actually investing in enlarging my capacity to be of being so much more of a blessing to my family, I eased up.

It provided me with time to grow myself, enrich my surroundings and be a channel of so many other things that added value to those around me.  I became more of a blessing instead of a burden to my family.  I poured out to them what I was happy to have been filled with after having had the chance to grow myself instead of finding worth in their gratitude and attention when I did something for them.

This will then make more sense to you:

‘Love others as yourself.’ Matthew 22:39

I will say it again.  Put yourself first.  It’s okay!


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April 23, 2017 by Mommy Maricel

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