If there is one favorite activity I have that I spend a lot of time doing and enjoying, that would be eating! I love to eat!  I also enjoy the food that I eat and take my time with every bite.  In fact, I chew my food at least 20 seconds before I swallow it as I learned many years ago that it takes 20 minutes for my tummy to tell my brain that I’m full.  That means of course I take very long in finishing one meal.  I usually start 30 minutes ahead of everybody when dining so that I also finish with them.  There was a time my husband fell asleep waiting for me to finish my meal because I would chat with him in between bites that before I knew it, I had been at it for 2 hours already!  I found Anthony snoring even while reading the newspaper as he tried to amuse himself while waiting for me to finish my meal.

It takes 20 minutes for my tummy to tell my brain that I’m full.

Now I have learned that in order to get the best attention while eating together as a family, I first make sure everybody’s needs are met when it comes to the menu and then I eat most of my meal on my own(don’t worry, this is not as sad as it sounds-I actually cherish eating alone 🙂 ) and leave some room when everybody comes together.

Because eating for me is a precious activity, I also value and am very particular about table manners and etiquette.  My children love making spoofs about my reminders to them about their conduct in the dining table but I’m sure it will come handy when they need them one day.  I always believe you can tell a lot about a person with the way they eat, hmmm…

You can tell a lot about a person with the way they eat and cook!

You can also tell a lot about a person with the way they cook! Haha! I grew up just enjoying tasty delights from my mom whose turf was the kitchen. We were to eat the food warm and immediately upon serving.  My mom also delighted in seeing us gobble up everything on the table and basked at every wonderful remark we could utter about her food creation.

Thank God the Lord blessed me with a passionate cook! Ate Beverly loves to experiment on all kinds of dishes and isn’t intimidated by my requests for sumptuous vegetarian meals.  She even takes time to style the food as well which makes me want to eat them all the more.

I guess that’s why I cannot and will not ever give up my crazy addiction to triathlon-it gives me license to eat, eat, eat!

So on rainy days like the past few days, it is such a treat to receive a yummy apple pie from my neighbor and friend, Panjee Tapales.  She baked it herself too!  Thanks so much, Panj! Here’s how I enjoyed this gift:


Here’s an added plus according to Panjee:

Oink, oink!

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July 31, 2012 by Mommy Maricel

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